What I've been working on

Jolly: Your team's Chief Celebration Officerhttps://usejolly.com

Jolly is a Slack app that automates birthday and work anniversary celebrations in the Slack workspace.

Jolly ensures your team members' birthdays are never forgotten. It helps you celebrate a team member's special day by sending a joyful message in a Slack channel.

Sendaway: Give your email newsletters a new homehttps://sendaway.app

Sendaway is an email companion to help keep your email newsletter-free. If you are subscribed to several newsletters, they arrive directly into your email inbox multiple times a week, getting mixed up with all your important emails. To me, it felt like newsletters never belonged in my email; it felt like a hack to have them be marked as "Unread" until I have the time to read them.

Sendaway is designed to be the home for newsletters. It will give you a unique email address that you can use to either sign up for the newsletter or forward newsletters from your email. It displays all your newsletters in a beautiful timeline feed so that you can simply scroll to read them all.

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